What is a synthesis essay

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Depending on the topic, it is very important to include in the reading list one or two case studies (case studies) that have the opposite point of view. Effective use of thematic materials and data will help you avoid the typical mistake of over-summarizing the material in your essay (see below). 
the process of writing an essay requires analytical answers, i.e. the search for an explanation: why something happens (for what reason) and how it happens (processes, mechanisms), and the answer does not require a simple description of the facts or a summary of what is said by others. Naturally, the facts along with the existing points of view on this issue are extremely important. Nevertheless, all this is only a part of the original material that you use when answering, but is not the answer to the question posed. 

When you select a question on any topic, before drawing up a plan for your answer, make sure that you carefully read and understand it correctly, because it can be interpreted differently, and to highlight it there are several approaches: therefore, you you will need to choose a variant of interpretation or approach that you follow, as well as be able to substantiate your option (see below). The content of the issue may cover a wide range of problems that require the involvement of a large amount of literature. In this case, you can make a decision according to which you will cover and illustrate only certain aspects of this issue. You will not have any problems if you do not go beyond the outlined circle, and your choice will be fully justified and you will be able to back it up with relevant evidence. 
Based on your decision on how you will answer the question, you should make a plan structure of your answer. The structure of the written work, as a rule, consists of such components as: 
Introduction: the essence and justification of the choice of this topic. 
Development of the topic: a reasoned disclosure of the topic based on the collected material (ideas, models and data). 

Conclusion: generalizations and reasoned conclusions on the topic, indicating the scope of its application, etc. It is like a sandwich in which the reasoned disclosure of the topic is the filling, which is the desired part. 
A well-tested (and for most of us, absolutely necessary) way to build any essay is to use subheadings to indicate the key points of a reasoned presentation: it helps to look at what you intend to do (and see if your plan is good). This approach will help you to follow the exact goals you have defined in this study, rather than beat it. Effective use of subtitles is not only the designation of the main points that you want to highlight. Their sequence may also indicate the presence or absence of 
It should include a summary of your understanding and approach to answering this question. It is very useful to highlight what you intend to do in the essay (your goals) and what your essay does not go into, and also provide brief definitions of key terms, for example: “By gender relations capitalism, I mean the following hellip” However, try to reduce to a minimum the number of definitions (say, three or four) with a brief summary (one sentence is enough). 

If your essay studies and evaluates how (can be and why?) Scientists use key terms for different notation of concepts or give them different meanings (for example, decentralization), then you need to reflect these points in the introduction. Own judgments should be given in the main part of the essay (for example, give it under a separate subtitle).