How to cite a website in an essay

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You seem to want good grades for your assignments. At the same time, the experience in writing the work that you acquire (develop) in preparing essays and other tasks on the master’s course, after its completion will be of great importance to you, in whatever professional field you find yourself. Evaluations, being the teacher’s feedback with the listener, are, on the one hand, necessary to encourage intellectual activity, which finds expression in writing, which is a means of communication, and, on the other hand, assessments hinder the listener’s intellectual work. 
For the ability to build and prove your position on certain problems based on the knowledge you have acquired. 

Remember that in the subjects with which we deal, there are no absolutely “correct” or “wrong” answers to questions, as is the case in physics or mathematics there are only more or less reasoned points of view. Remember also that you get marks not just for agreeing with the point of view of your lecturers examiners expect independent thinking from you, i.e. What do you think about it]. 
When you nominate your own position, your ability (opportunity) will critically and independently assess the range of data and points of view arguments of others, the ability to understand, evaluate and establish the connection between the key points of any problems and questions; the ability to differentiate (which is more and what is less important); understand analytical approaches and models; differentiate opposing approaches and models and their application to empirical material, discussions on fundamental issues, implementation of development of policies and interventions. 
It is necessary to write shortly, clearly and clearly. (Making the most of limited length.) 

Do you have sufficiently detailed and organized notes? 
Did you carefully read the question? Have you thought about what will be the approach to solving the problem and what will be the way to protect it? 
Have you developed an argument? 
Have you prepared a plan for writing a work in accordance with the stages of argumentation? 
Do you have a good system of subheadings (related sequence)? 
Does the essay meet the following requirements: 
Is the introduction brief and relevant to the topic? Does it include such things as: the rationale for choosing the approach you use; Having a brief definition of all the basic terminology in accordance with your intentions for their use? 
Do you follow the subtitle system? 
Did you read your essay, paying particular attention to the points above (p. 3)? 
Have you checked how the essay answers the questions? 
Have you checked the style of your work and made changes to the style? References, footnotes? 
Have you compiled a bibliography list of used literature and reference materials? 
Have you organized your time in such a way that you submit your work on time? Do you know how you would like to improve the essay if you had such an opportunity? (Try to jot it down and compare it with the results of your work review. See the instructor’s comments attached to your work.)