How long should a college essay be

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This part assumes the development of your argumentation and analysis, as well as their substantiation, based on the available data, other arguments and positions on this issue. This is the main content of your essay, and this is a major difficulty: for these purposes, the subheadings are important, onthe basis of which your argumentation is structured; it is here that you must substantiate (logically, using data or rigorous reasoning) your proposed argument analysis. 

Filling the sections with their own arguments (corresponding to 
All (actual) data correlate to a specific time and place, so before using them, make sure that they correspond to the time and place required for yourresearch. Even if you use, say, a table of data on social mobility in Britain, indicate the time of this study, etc. 
Appropriate data specification by time and place is one way that can 
Do not forget also that the data relating to controversial issues are always questioned (“lies, damned lies, statistics, etc.”). You are not expected to give a definite or final answer (no one will ever agree that this is the only correct answer!). But what you can do is to understand the essence of the actual material related to this issue (relevant indicators? How reliable is the data for building such indicators? What conclusion can you draw based on the available data and indicators regarding causes and effects? Etc and demonstrate it in your essay. 

When writing an essay, sometimes there are difficulties due to ignorance of how to properly use the literature available on this topic. You can avoid these problems by remembering some rules (starting points): when quoting (using someone else’s words) always put the text in quotes and give an exact reference to the source (including the page number). If you do not do it, i.e. you will pass off other people’s thoughts as your own, this will be considered as plagiarism (a form of deception); even if you pass the text in your own words (give a brief summary of it or paraphrase it), do not forget to give a reference to the source. 
illustrate how this can be done. 

Of great importance when writing an essay is checking the first version. When writing a draft, your main task is to work out arguments, polish basic ideas and arrange them in strict sequence, accompanying them with illustrative materials or auxiliary data, etc. After writing the first option, give it a day or twoto rest for a while, and then return to the work of testing and improving, with a fresh mind. 
When checking, first of all, pay attention to the strength of your argument. Does your essay match your intentions in the field of work structure and analysis? Is it connected and convincing? Is enough data used? relevant data? Are they effectively used? etc. 
Then (last step) check the style (spell check, punctuation, etc.) and consistency (pithiness) (by headings and subtitles, format, etc.)