How to write an essay outline

Preparing for an essay is primarily a study of the necessary cliches, then general vocabulary and grammar. You can do a great job with the last two tasks by completing our courses Thematic Units 1 and 2 and grammar courses. But we also have two special courses:

Expression of opinion and In the first, you will learn useful words and phrases that will be useful to describe your thoughts, feelings, ideas. In the second, you will learn phrases for communication of thoughts in sentences, the so-called “Cli”. And here are 6 more tips to help you write a good essay: In the first paragraph, it would be nice to rephrase the topic, thereby showing that you understood what you read. Bonus can be formulated as a question, this move is used in many texts to emphasize attention. The first and last paragraphsshould be as short as possible. Remember that you need to justify your opinion, give the opposite opinion and then refute it with counterarguments. And you have a maximum of 275 words. If you do not know yet, the general structure of the essay is 5 paragraphs.

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